Window and Door Repairs Pocklington

Misted Double Glazing

failed-22Misted, fogged or blown double glazing units in Pocklington can make homes feel dark, dirty and unhealthy.  At Plastech Windows Pocklington we can replace damaged units with out the need to replace the frame in most cases meaning less disruption and cost to our customers throughout the East Riding.  Replacing misted up units is often a good idea if selling a home as a cheap way to improve the appearance of any property.

Broken Glazing

4572371043_f321460e8a_zEven small cracks in glazing and let in the weather which can lead to much higher costing repairs in the future.  Contact Plastech Windows for free quotes to replace damaged or smashed double glazing around Pocklington, you may be surprised how cheap it can actually be.

Damaged Doors or Fixtures

Struggling closing or opening a damaged door or windows in Pocklington or the surrounding areas can be very frustrating.  At Plastech Windows we can help with repairing or replacing any of these fixtures, give Plastech a call today for a free assessment and quote.

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